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PRESS RELEASE: Aevum Obscurum Reaching 10000+ Players

posted on: Wednesday, 14th of March 2007
Aevum Obscurum II - Screenshot 1

Aevum Obscurum is a turn-based interactive multiplayer strategy game with the objective to world domination in a 14th century setting. ...

Flood Fill Algorithm with Anti-Aliasing and Pattern for Java AWT

posted on: Tuesday, 26th of April 2005

Below is an algorithm which allows flood-fill of java buffered images. It supports anti-aliasing as well pattern-fill. ...

First Public RELEASE: Aevum Obscurum -- Turn-Based Strategy

posted on: Wednesday, 17th of May 2000
Map View for Aevum Obscurum

The multiplayer strategy game Aevum Obscurum has been released to the public. The game can be played ONLINE against others via a Java Applet in the browser. ...