Strategy Game Bundle: Strategieboxxx CD-ROM

posted on: Saturday, 16th of November 2013

Not too long ago we were contacted by Immanitas, a German game distributor. They are now the official distributor of the boxed version for our games.

The Strategieboxxx CD-ROM contains the following games:

The CD-ROM can be purchased in physical stores in Germany, Switzerland as well as Austria. In addition, the CD-ROM is available online via Amazon as well as others (see below for links). International shipping is provided by some sellers.

Strategieboxxx CD-ROM

Available via:

Please note that although the box is in German, the games include English, French and Japanese amongst others.

Warning as of October 19, 2022: If you are a developer and are evaluating Immanitas as potential publisher, be warned! We haven't been paid a single cent by Immanitas to date.