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Demise of Nations: Rome vs. USA
Posted on Wednesday November 06, 2019

Rome and America are often compared, whether for historical similarities or political reasons. But have you ever wondered how they might fare against each other in combat? In this [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Demise of Nations – Grand Strategy Wargame
Posted on Tuesday August 08, 2017

Tokyo, Japan – August 9, 2017 — Noble Master Games announces Demise of Nations, a simultaneously executed turn-based grand strategy wargame. The game covers the rise of Ro [...]

Experimental ADs: Age of Conquest IV & Demise of Nations
Posted on Saturday April 01, 2017

We are currently running a trial with ad-based monetizing of the in-game chat. The experiment will run for 24h and is available in both our games Age of Conquest IV and Demise of N [...]

Age of Conquest IV – Boot Loot Competition (2016)
Posted on Tuesday September 13, 2016

Starting October 1, we will hold our 1. Boot Loot Competition giving out a 1 Liter Glass Boot to the tournament winner. The tournament is open and FREE to enter for everyone. The c [...]

Age of Conquest IV – Available on iPhone, iPad & iPod
Posted on Friday May 27, 2016

After much delay, Age of Conquest IV for is now also available on iPhone, iPad & iPod. Please visit the App Store for details. Age of Conquest IV on App Store The game requires [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Age of Conquest IV – Grand Strategy Wargame
Posted on Tuesday April 05, 2016

Tokyo, Japan – April 6, 2016 — Noble Master Games releases Age of Conquest IV, a simultaneously executed turn-based grand strategy wargame. It is a mix between “Risk& [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Demise of Nations – Strategy Game for PC, Mac & Linux
Posted on Tuesday April 21, 2015

Tokyo, Japan – April 22, 2015 — Noble Master Games releases “Demise of Nations: Rome” as EARLY ACCESS after 2.5 years in development. The game is a WE-GO turn-b [...]

Demise of Nations: Rome — ALPHA-Release
Posted on Saturday February 01, 2014

Demise of Nations has been released for alpha-testing today (version 0.8.302a, February 1, 2014). Demise of Nations is a turn-based strategy wargame during the rise and fall of the [...]

Strategieboxxx CD-ROM: 3 Strategie Games (PC, Mac)
Posted on Saturday November 16, 2013

Not too long ago we were contacted by Immanitas, a German game distributor. They are now the official distributor of the boxed version for our games, a.k.a. the Strategieboxxx CD-R [...]

Noble Master Games: Sales & Income for 2012
Posted on Wednesday May 01, 2013

I have been asked I few times regarding my income (i.e. game sales) and what I am doing all the time. Basically, as some of you know, “Noble Master Games is a single member c [...]

May of Conquest – Starting May 1
Posted on Friday April 26, 2013

May of Conquest is here again to celebrate another year of Age of Conquest, a Risk-like turn-based strategy game. Age of Conquest allows players to compete on various maps, includi [...]

Demise of Nations: Rome – in the Works!
Posted on Friday March 01, 2013

After throwing around a few ideas internally last year, Noble Master Games have decided to develop a hexagon turn-based strategy game.  It will take place during the Roman Era on [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Retro RTS for iOS: Tropical + Desert Stormfront
Posted on Tuesday November 20, 2012

Tropical & Desert Stormfront – Retro RTS For iPhone and iPad Lewes, Delaware – November 21, 2012 — Noble Master Games releases two retro real-time strategy games [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Desert Stormfront – a Real-Time Adaption of the “Classic Empire” Game
Posted on Tuesday September 25, 2012

Desert Stormfront – a Real-Time Adaption of the “Classic Empire” Game (for PC, Mac, Linux and Android) Tokyo, Japan – September 26, 2012 — Noble Master re [...]

Desert Stormfront: Official Game Trailer
Posted on Tuesday August 28, 2012

Desert Stormfront is now in beta-testing stage. If everything goes as planned, it is scheduled for release next month (September 2012) on PC, Mac, Linux & Android. The iOS vers [...]

May of Conquest – It’s Here!
Posted on Wednesday April 25, 2012

Age of Conquest is a Risk-like turn-based strategy game with players from all over the world. Playable on maps such as Europe, Asia, the Americas, the World, fantasy maps and many [...]

May Of Conquest – Ready To Go (May 2012)
Posted on Thursday March 08, 2012

Age of Conquest is a Risk-like turn-based strategy game that players from all over the world compete in. Playable on various maps including Europe, Asia, North America, even The Wo [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Real-Time Strategy Game *Tropical Stormfront* for PC, Mac, Linux
Posted on Monday March 05, 2012

Noble Master Games Releases Real-Time Strategy Game “Tropical Stormfront” for PC, Macintosh and Linux. Tokyo, Japan – March 6, 2012 — Noble Master Games release [...]

Age of Conquest III on Desura!
Posted on Thursday February 23, 2012

Age of Conquest III is now available on Desura also. Get it now for PC, Mac, Linux 32 and Linux 64. Desura contains both a Demo release plus the full version of the game. Enjoy :) [...]

Age of Conquest Online – Upcoming Events
Posted on Monday February 06, 2012

Age of Conquest’s May of Conquest is well under way and players can join via the Tournament page in-game.  Free to join whether you have a paid account or a free trial accou [...]