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If you look below, you will notice we are actually quite successful at abandoning projects! Most projects have been stopped due to lack of interest from us as well as potential players. Game design (or product design) is a lot harder than it might seem. Also, we are probably just bad at it.

In any case, we haven't given up completely on any of the projects listed below. Maybe you'd like us to continue on one? If you have a favorite, please let us know and we'll see what we can do! Also, consider following us on twitter to see what project we'll abandon next :)

Abandoned Projects

Age of Diplomacy - a multiplayer game of diplomacy. Release date TBD.


tiicoon aka /taɪˈkuːn/ is a multiplayer city simulation scheduled for release TBD. Sign up for our twitter feed to receive updated information!

× Visit tiicoon - /taɪˈkuːn/

World Empires Live World Empires Live is an Empire Builder for single player as well as multiplayer which take you from stone ages all the way to the modern era.

× Play World Empires Live

Please obtain the Doomsday Deactivator from the Android Market to save earth from ultimate destruction.

× Doomsday Gateway | Safe the Planet

Miner Brigade is a Lemmings-like action game where each level requires you to collect Gold and Rubidium to advance to the next stage. Instruments at your disposal are an erase and fill tool.

× Miner Brigade | for iPhone and Android

Noble Fart is a free fart application for the Google Android platform. Noble Fart provides entertainment for people of all ages. The program is free and unlimited till year 2075.

× Noble Fart - Google Android Application

The Multiplayer Engine (WormWare) is an industry leading network software product for cross-platform multiplayer and online computer game development.

× Multiplayer Engine

Railroad Manager - 3D Isometric railroad simulation. Build and operate your own rail system. Scheduled for release TBD.

× Railroad Manager

Campus Saga - Role Playing Game: Graduate & more. Scheduled for release TBD.

× Campus Saga

Noble Kingdoms - 3D Isometric medieval strategy game. Scheduled for release TBD.

× Noble Kingdoms

Pandemic Wars - Disease simulation: spread your virus. Release date TBD.

× Pandemic Wars

Culth - a massive multiplayer cultural experience. Release date TBD.


Planet Malenal | Thorium Miner | Tauris - Build your city and compete for resources against your fellow competitor. Release date TBD.


Game Cause - TBD.


Better Maker - TBD.


Portable Shop - TBD.


EventStream is a data collection framework with integrated visualization techniques to facilitate eye tracking research.

× Eye Tracking (EventStream)

DiSiF is a Disease Simulation Framework (DiSiF) using a spatial simulation environment for infectious viral disease spread simulation.

× Disease Simulation Framework (DiSiF)