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History of Age of Conquest: from I to IV

posted on: Wednesday, 30th of March 2016
Emperor (Atari ST Screenshot)

Age of Conquest has been originally released on May 17, 2000. The game has gone to numerous revisions over time. ...

Demise of Nations: Wallpapers for Home and Lock Screens

posted on: Sunday, 7th of June 2015
Demise of Nations - Wallpapers

Looking for a cool wallpaper for your smartphone? Look no further, we have create a nice wallpaper that can be used for both the lock as well as home screen. ...

ALPHA RELEASE: Demise of Nations -- Grand Strategy Wargame

posted on: Saturday, 1st of February 2014
Demise of Nations - Screenshot 1

Demise of Nations has been released for ALPHA testing today (version 0.8.302a, February 1, 2014). Demise of Nations is a turn-based strategy wargame during the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. ...

OPEN SOURCED: Noble Avatar Generator

posted on: Thursday, 5th of December 2013
Noble Avatar Generator – 15+ Trillion Combinations

We are getting a lot of requests for using the Noble Avatar generator. We decided to finally open source it. Download information is below. ...

Strategy Game Bundle: Strategieboxxx CD-ROM

posted on: Saturday, 16th of November 2013
Strategieboxxx CD-ROM

Not too long ago we were contacted by Immanitas, a German game distributor. They are now the official distributor of the boxed version for our games. ...

ANNOUNCEMENT: Demise of Nations - Grand Strategy Wargame

posted on: Friday, 1st of March 2013
Demise of Nations - Factions

After throwing around a few ideas internally last year, Noble Master Games have decided to develop a hexagon turn-based strategy game. ...

PRESS RELEASE: Desert Stormfront -- Real-Time Strategy

posted on: Monday, 26th of November 2012
Game Objective

Noble Master releases Desert Stormfront, a real-time strategy game inspired by the turn-based "Classic Empire" wargame by Walter Bright. ...

ABANDONED: tiicoon -- Multiplayer City Simulation

posted on: Saturday, 17th of November 2012
tiicoon Screenshot 0.3.0

Although tiicoon (pronounced: /taɪˈkuːn/) is currently abandoned, we figured it would be nice to create a trailer. ...