Data Deletion Instructions

Noble Master LLC - Data Deletion Instructions

Your privacy is very important to us and we make sure to only collect the very minimum needed for you to use our apps and games (see Privacy Policy for details). That said, you still might want to delete anything we have stored about you.

How to Delete your Data from our Apps & Games?

Your data is generally not identified by email. In most cases we can't help you if you email us, because we don't have your email address. In order to remove your data you can follow the steps below.

  1. Login to the App or Game.
  2. Select the "Head"-button (avatar button at top/right)
  3. Select the "Cog"-button (bottom/left inside the popup)
  4. Select the [Manage...]-button to view all the data stored about you.
  5. Select [Erase...] and confirm to have everything deleted.

Please note that the removal via [Erase...] is permanent, we cannot reverse it. Alternatively, you can also manually edit or remove inputted names or email addresses rather than deleting the whole account.