About Us

About Us

Noble Master Games

Noble Master Games is an indie game company with focus on real-time and turn-based strategy games for desktop and mobile devices. Noble Master Games was founded in 2009.

We are operating under the name Noble Master LLC and are based in the United States.


We try to adhere by the following concepts when developing applications.

Meet the Team

We are a small indie developer studio with a handful of members.

Christoph Aschwanden Software developer, server administrator, publisher and owner. Goes under the handle "noblemaster" in-game.

Antony Lee Hager Artist for in-game art and promo materials. Specialize in 2D art and animations. See Portfolio for details.

Travis Bowling Modding and overseeing the moderations. Some consulting work. Goes under the handle "TravisII" in-game.

Moderator Team A large number of moderators responding to player inquiries, handling misbehaving players, approving maps, approving translations and such.


We are an indie game company. If you want to help cover our game server fees, production of videos or any other matters of interest, please (donate link) .

News & Updates

For latest news and updates, sign up to our twitter feed and have a look at our blog:

Press Kit

We have put together a Press Kit for members of the press. Feel free to contact us any time for inquiries and free copies of our application.