Refund Policy

Noble Master LLC - Refund Policy

We generally give refunds for any purchases made within 30 days of the purchase date. Depending on circumstances we can give refunds spanning back longer. Please note that some purchasing systems limit our ability to give refunds directly and you might have to contact the purchase system provider instead (we'll tell you).

We'll respond to refund requests within 48 hours (business days). The time it takes us to respond will not be counted against you, in case you reach the 30 days limit (see above). Although we can issue some refunds right away, depending on the payment processor, it might take longer, normally 7-10 business days or less for the refund to reach you (it's them, not us).

How to Ask for a Refund?

Please email us your order number and store name with a request to refund to . If you don't have the order number, you can look it up within the game: click the top/right head icon, then the bottom/left cog icon. Then select the "Products" tab and the [Invoices] button for the whole list of purchases you have made.