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ALPHA RELEASE: Demise of Nations -- Grand Strategy Wargame

posted on: Saturday, 1st of February 2014
Demise of Nations - Screenshot 1

Demise of Nations has been released for ALPHA testing today (version 0.8.302a, February 1, 2014). Demise of Nations is a turn-based strategy wargame during the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. ...

OPEN SOURCED: Noble Avatar Generator

posted on: Thursday, 5th of December 2013
Noble Avatar Generator – 15+ Trillion Combinations

We are getting a lot of requests for using the Noble Avatar generator. We decided to finally open source it. Download information is below. ...

Strategy Game Bundle: Strategieboxxx CD-ROM

posted on: Saturday, 16th of November 2013
Strategieboxxx CD-ROM

Not too long ago we were contacted by Immanitas, a German game distributor. They are now the official distributor of the boxed version for our games. ...

ANNOUNCEMENT: Demise of Nations - Grand Strategy Wargame

posted on: Friday, 1st of March 2013
Demise of Nations - Factions

After throwing around a few ideas internally last year, Noble Master Games have decided to develop a hexagon turn-based strategy game. ...

PRESS RELEASE: Desert Stormfront -- Real-Time Strategy

posted on: Monday, 26th of November 2012
Game Objective

Noble Master releases Desert Stormfront, a real-time strategy game inspired by the turn-based "Classic Empire" wargame by Walter Bright. ...

ABANDONED: tiicoon -- Multiplayer City Simulation

posted on: Saturday, 17th of November 2012
tiicoon Screenshot 0.3.0

Although tiicoon (pronounced: /taɪˈkuːn/) is currently abandoned, we figured it would be nice to create a trailer. ...

ISO 4217 Currency List:

posted on: Thursday, 1st of November 2012

We weren't able to find a good currency implementation over enums in Java, so here is our own. The table contains all the currencies of ISO 4217 as of November 1, 2012. ...

How to Convert a .pfx File to a Java Keystore .jks with Java

posted on: Wednesday, 22nd of August 2012

We managed to acquire a code signing certificate in .pfx format from Comodo. There are a couple solutions in the internet suggesting to download jetty or install OpenSSL to convert the .pfx to a Java Keystore .jks. ...