ALPHA RELEASE: Noble 2DFX -- 2D Image Animator

posted on: Thursday, 27th of October 2022

Noble 2DFX is a graphics utility for 2D image and comic animations. The graphic editor is now available for FREE on the Noble 2DFX Website.

Noble 2DFX

As opposed to other animators and animation formats, Noble 2DFX strives to be easy to use, tries to interact nicely with other utilities, and supports a variety of export options to ease integration into final products, such as a game.

The editor is designed to support single animations and slideshows. Integration into game engines comes with a low memory footprint in mind. The animator allows sound effects and music to be added. Animations can be exported to various formats including GIF.

The animation utility can be download from the offical website For additional information on Noble 2DFX besides the press kit, please contact Christoph Aschwanden.