PRESS RELEASE: Miner Brigade -- Lemmings-Like Action

posted on: Friday, 24th of April 2009

Noble Master Games releases their Lemmings-like action game Miner Brigade for the iPhone and Google Android.

Miner Brigade Screenshot

Miner Brigade is a Lemmings-like action game where each level requires you to direct a group of miners to collect Gold and Rubidium to advance to the next stage. The goal is to collect enough points within the time limit to reach the next level. Instruments at your disposal are an erase and fill tool to clear and block the path of the miner brigade. You can alternatively direct the miners by rotating your mobile phone device and changing the direction of gravity.

Miner Brigade is a single player game providing 77 levels of entertainment for people of all ages.

The full version of Miner Brigade for iPhone, iPod and Android is available from the iTunes Store and Google Play for $2.99. A free "Lite" version can be downloaded for try out before purchase. Download information and screenshots are available at

Noble Master Games is a Honolulu based company, established in 2006, to serves as a resource for the global gaming community at large.

Update for February 23, 2018: The game has been removed from distribution due to compatibility issues on newer devices.