History of Age of Conquest: from I to IV

posted on: Wednesday, 30th of March 2016

Age of Conquest has been originally released on May 17, 2000. The game has gone to numerous revisions over time. Below a screenshots depicting the various changes.

Emperor (Atari ST)

Not sure if this belongs here, but probably the very first implementation started with "Emperor", a single player game for Atari ST.

Emperor (Atari ST Screenshot)

Aevum Obscurum I

The first installment of the game was released under the name Aevum Obscurum (Dark Ages) and supported ONLINE-play only across PC, Mac & Linux. Release data was May 17, 2000.

Age of Conquest I (Screenshot 1)

Age of Conquest I (Screenshot 2)

Aevum Obscurum II (Experimental/3D)

An experimental version of Aevum Obscurum II was produced but never released.

Age of Conquest II in 3D (Screenshot 1)

Age of Conquest II in 3D (Screenshot 2)

Aevum Obscurum II

The next installment of Aevum Obscurum went live going back to 2D-maps.

Age of Conquest II (Screenshot 1)

Aevum Obscurum II (Updated)

An updated version of Aevum Obscurum II was produced with improved graphics & player avatars.

Age of Conquest II (Screenshot 2)

Age of Conquest III

A resign and port to Android/iOS was implemented featuring much improved graphics. The name was changed to "Age of Conquest".

Age of Conquest III (Screenshot)

Age of Conquest IV

The latest release featuring single player and full cross-platform multiplayer game-play across PC, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android.

Age of Conquest IV (Screenshot 1)

Age of Conquest IV (Screenshot 2)

Age of Conquest IV (Updated)

Slight re-colored the game's UI panels, but otherwise mostly the same.

Age of Conquest IV with re-Colored UI